What about privacy and commercial confidentiality?

We are absolutely committed to working as if we are part of your own team.  Our commercial agreements contain a strict NDA.

What about conflicts of interest?

We will typically only work with one partner per category unless expressly agreed that there is no conflict. Our loyalty remains with our original partners.

How does it work commercially?

We have a flexible and transparent commercial model. We can work on a flat fee basis, a success or revenue share basis (or a mixture of the two) or as a fully-fledged joint venture for the Indian market. We will be happy to discuss and find a model that works for you.

What if I only need a little help or a particular aspect of support?

We are happy to work with projects small and large (and of course to help small projects become large). Our model is designed to be customisable and scalable to suit your requirements.

Can you help our Indian based businesses expand overseas?

Yes. We have partnerships and strong connections within the region and in the Middle East, South America, North America and Europe.

Can I meet the team and visit the offices?

Of course, in fact we encourage this. However if no visit to India is planned we will also travel and / or operate remotely.

What if I we want to take things in house after we achieve some success in the market?

We are set up to facilitate and support this, including operating a build, operate transfer model for all aspects of our work on your behalf. Your decision to do this is a reflection of our success.