We will develop a service set tailored to your needs in a highly cost effective and largely outcome based structure. Your success is our success and we get paid on helping you meet your objectives.

Stage 1: Pre-Live Decision support

  • In depth understanding and dimensioning of market opportunity and risks
  • Market validation research and analysis
  • Regulatory, financial and legal assessment
  • Proposition relevance and fitment review
  • Business objectives and desired outcomes
  • Mobile strategy definition (if required) and implementation
  • Development of mobile web and applications at privileged rates and hand picked quality

Stage 2: Go Live

  • Rapid business and market development
  • Distribution through App stores, pre-installation into devices and much more
  • Partnership development for distribution and growth
  • Unique access to partnerships and decision makers
  • Direct plug in  to monetisation at privileged rates:
  • Operator Billing and other APIs ready made
  • SMS / IVR connectivity ready made
  • Mobile and Internet ad partnerships
  • Localisation support – language translation,  transliteration and fonts (API)
  • Recruitment, management and hosting of in country teams
  • Scalable data centre for in country hosting requirements
  • Virtual business extension with PBX / call routing

Stage 3: Operations, revenue and user growth

  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Market expansion – India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, South America, North America and Europe
  • Product and proposition feedback
  • Key partner relationship management and development
  • Iterative commercial optimisation
  • Status reports and regular communication
  • Fundraising support with VC network in India
  • Trust and transparency  based operations
  • High quality office for India meetings
  • Dedicated hand picked  resource