Mobile Survival Guide – Tips for success in 2015

By Manish Malik (Plugged India)


This is my first post here ever since I have started my own venture Plugged India. Have spent over 17 years in transition from Brick and Mortar to Digital and Mobile friendly environments the pace at which things have changed is phenomenal and fast paced. We are living in a highly reactive environment. 

I am mentoring and advising start ups that have created a unique differentiated offerings and want to leverage the digital economy to create business models helping them scale.

A lot of people walk up to me with crazy and unique ideas around which they want to launch a Mobile App but are clueless on many aspects from customer acquisition to retention and monetization.

Here I am outlining some quick tips to ensure that your Mobile app strategy is on course in 2015. Look at it as a survival guide of sorts.

Mobile already accounts for over $230 Bn of revenue directly; it and influences many times that amount. And it is going to be the Mobile App that is driving that business. (of late we have heard of some top e-commerce portals opting for that route) and more to follow.

So there is no doubt that you need a mobile app strategy.

1. Focus on User Retention

If your app strategy consists of building a great app and driving installs via paid media (ad networks) you will be lucky if you will see your app survive to the next year. You get consumer and loose consumers at the same pace and it is no longer justifiable to invest so much money without adding and long term value to your proposition.

In 2015 it will be critical to design tools that help build relationships with users generating loyalty and lifetime revenue and you do that by delivering relevant, targeted communications and EXPERIENCES.

Trust me you need a lot of customer advocates out there with perfect conversation about your brand product or service.

2. Omni Channel is the way!

The mobile app is not a island anymore, i mean a lot of marketers or businesses treat it that way. Customers are empowered to interact with brands across multiple channels, islands are a real problem.

This will for well change in 2015. Omni channel marketing automation is ready to introduce your right hand to your left. Simple! It is possible to deliver mobile campaigns triggered by online activity, and share detailed information around mobile app usage to the rest of the business.

3. Spam Trouble

It time to get targeted. Consumers are fed up with those push campaigns that are irrelevant, irritating and we have started ignoring them. Push marketing is dead in the water.

So this year, create user personas basis their usage, lifestyle, demographics, geography and integrate push campaigns with in – app messaging and native content changes in order to provide integrated and effective consumer experiences.

This can be your active relationship building tool with current consumers or a last ditch attempt to bring back lapsed ones.

4. Test – Test – Test the waters!

If there is one thing every body loves it is Data,  but the problem is we spend so long looking at it we forget to use it and that’s a shame.

You need to have an A/B program in place to let real user data help you shape the app itself and the campaigns you run whether as push notifications, live video or in-app messaging.

So stop talking and Start testing. Don’t let your mobile business be guided by the highest paid persons opinion.

From the registration process, the content, in-app messaging etc its time to test it.

5. Welcome to My App

When a new user opens your app your job has just started.

Time is premium and the effort to acquire that new user is also very premium. You don’t want to lose that customer. You don’t want to be looking at data 3 months down the line that 1 out of 5 new customer you got never returned after their first visit. That’s what will happen if the planning is bad. It is clear to establish What is the app for?, how does it benefit the consumer? and how does the consumer use it?

Have questions to the answers and once you have it. Follow rule no 4 above… test it again.

6. Store Ratings

We all know that every mom and dad like a good report card in school. There is a lot which goes behind it and you would want a good report card for your app. You believe you have a wonderful app, a great user experience and have cracked the code. You know what bad marks in class can do and the same is the case with negative ratings. It also effects your organic downloads of the app and you cannot leave it to chance.

Make sure to use your in-app messages to determine who likes your app and who doesn’t. Send the former and only the former to the app store for providing positive feedback and communicate directly with the latter seeking feedback on how you can improve your app.

7. Know your place

Good Marketing is identify the right location to give messaging to the consumer whereas Great marketing is layering the location information with intelligence on behavioral led data. It as in traditional retail how they run a CAMP (Catchment Area management program) so create those small CAMPS within your app and be more specific with your messaging and communication.

This has great potential to impact brand campaigns too, opening a range of possibilities for engaging with your consumer.

So I hope the above information helps when you are planning that next new App that will change the world or make our lives better and convinient.

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