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My good friend Martin Selva who works with one of the top App stores in India as a comment in my previous post asked me to write a post on Mobile app marketing. Well this is the buzz word now-a-days and we are getting into a zone of creating MOBILE FIRST CONSUMERS.

Marketing is all about generating demand and a whole lot of work happens behind the scenes from planning the strategy, vision, mission of your product or service. The work happens on areas such as segmenting your consumers, defining the positioning that will translate into the right communication to generate awareness and interest.

Let us narrow down this discussion by keep the perspective around Smartphones where we are seeing enthusiastic adoption rates. India still has a long way to go as compared to evolved markets such as South Korea (2/3rd penetration) US stands at 47%, Australia at 57% & UK at 52% respectively. Some markets set the trends where as others get influenced by the same and grow rapidly.

Let me take e-commerce or Mobile commerce as an example how the marketing can be effective and Smartphones as the playground to explain my thoughts. Most of the top e-tailers, Taxi services, Food ordering portals etc in the country are using MOBILE FIRST as their core marketing strategy.

Why are they doing this?

How does it benefit them in the short and long term?

Billions of $ are being spent to on-board consumers on their Mobile App although they have other options like desktop etc to keep the consumer engaged.

My experience tells me that winning in the Mobile First experience requires much more than a simply reformatted website or a smartphone application. Although all digital channels will have the same backbone and infrastructure to support the business but your mobile first strategy requires fundamentally  different approaches to identifying, reaching and satisfying customers. There are important distinctions between the behavior consumer show on mobile as compared to their online behavior.

1. One needs to tap into the uniqueness of Mobile consumers

Mobile channel buyers have unique and distinct demographics. As a marketer you need to understand what kind of consumers are going to transact with your app and segregate them into various buckets. Let us take for example two customer segments such as working mom and housewives. The working mom’s will probably spend more time on the Online PC as compared to the housewives. The latter will probably use their smartphones to shop and do transactions and will be a more active customer. The new generation Mobile first consumers are slowly shifting from visiting a store or an Online only experience to shop on mobiles.

Therefore targeted communication and messaging as compared to online or an instore will have a better conversion from the Mobile shopper.

2. Curate – Curate – Curate – Trigger Impulse purchases through well crafted offers

The mobile decision journey for the consumer is shorter and faster. It is driven through impulse as the customer will not go and compare or research what he or she wants. The process from consideration to purchasing a product or a service can happen in a single day which can be a big commerce driver.

Consumers deliberate less while shopping on the small mobile screen and are driven by impulse and emotional factors rather than product features or pricing therefore you have it to your advantage.

You need to be smart about what you want to show to your customer so that the right decision is made.

3. Entertain – Make the experience fun and convenient

The online consumer is a Bargain hunter the Mobile consumer is not. First accept this reality. The mobile buyer is looking for more intuitively designed navigations and convenient shopping experiences.

How about an e-commerce company opening up a call centre dedicated only for the Mobile shopper? I think that will make a major difference as a part of their strategy. Offer your customers a specialized experience with a single click. It can make a big difference to the over all experience.

4. Drive Loyalty and Gamify the experience

Once you are in the process of building a brand and have your own Mobile app you will notice that mobile consumers are more likely to go directly your app rather than to use a search engine which is an opportunity for retailers to lock in customers. Many m-commerce players have started using various tactics such as offering digital goods (Music, Movies, Games etc) coupons, mileage points etc to drive repeat visits for consumers who interact atleast once a day with their application.

Recognize the unique characteristics and demographics of your Mobile shoppers who basically have a less studied approach to purchasing, their emphasis on a smooth shopping experience and their loyalty.

To be successful you need to invest in the Mobile marketing to capitalize on the impulse behavior and use data to build a real time relationship with your customers.

Now your will be in control with your Mobile First consumer generating LIFE TIME VALUE for your service or brand.

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