Pricing Piracy Out Of India Film and Music

The grey market for content in India has never been healthier – burgeoning middle class income and lower priced tv’s and mobile / mp3 are driving it upwards. On the supply side, mass digital storage means proliferation of pirated content and sellers is unencumbered. Estimates for the ‘pirated’ content market vary wildly between 250M USD

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Fortune in the Middle

The ‘Middle’ segment of regions like Asia, Africa and South America represent an enormous opportunity – literally billions of people growing in wealth and consumption and newly connected via smartphones. This segment is, in my opinion, universally poorly addressed with the exception of China where this has been understood and the success of many of

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The Rise of Mobile Internet in India 155 Million and counting
The Rise of Mobile Internet in India

From Forbes LIFE/F-INDEX | Jan 28, 2014 | 2025 views Rise of Mobile Internet in India by Forbes India       More and more Indians are logging on to the internet through their mobile phones, says a recent report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). The study predicts that, by the end of

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22million users Truecaller

Outstanding growth, demonstrating the power of India Read the full story at NextBigWhat

Local Language fundamental

Web and Mobile services that support local language are showing disproportionately high traction. Samsung and other OEM (device makers) are prioritising language. It is clear that local language is a new focus in India and beyond. This is hardly surprising, internet growth cannot continue where only a small percentage of India’s literate population can read

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Next Google can come from India
Next Google can come from India

Further positive sentiment on scale and opportunity. Times of India Story covering Google view of India

2nd largest internet user base in the world

Soon to be second largest internet market on the planet. Over 120 million mobile users.

BBC News – Indian stock market hits record high

Foreign investors return to India.

One operator, 50 Million mobile internet users = minimum 150M market
India well over 150 million mobile internet users

From MediaNama ( Airtel India has reported 50.631 million mobile Internet connections, up 8.69% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), adding 4.07 million data connections in all. This is also a significant quarter for Airtel for another reason: VAS and messaging declined to 6.69% of total revenue during the quarter, from 8.24% last quarter; in comparison, data revenues accounted

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