About Us

Based in Mumbai we offer a customizable suite of services to businesses seeking access to India’s opportunity  who have neither the time or expertise to operate easily here.

We also support Indian domestic businesses looking at the mobile opportunity. We can build, deploy and manage mobile as well as grow your business beyond India.

We are an International team with extensive on the ground experience of operating and building business in India and other emerging markets. We are here to help you understand the market opportunity and characteristics. We enable you to go live and operate in a structure that meets both your needs and regulatory requirements.

In partnering with us, time to market is reduced from years to weeks and we scale with you as your business in India grows. Our approach covers all aspects of business including distribution within India and through our network into the region, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Our engagement model is broad and success based. We can tailor our service to meet your business objectives.

We become a vital and valuable extension of your business. You can be assured that business in India and beyond is taken care of.